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Our strategic and skilled consultants have more than 35 years of combined experience. We have helped organizations like yours to solve their questions and complex challenges associated with Leadership Development, Coaching, Talent Management, and Learning Initiatives.

LaunchForth provides two main areas of services–Consulting Services and Learning Services.

In Consulting Services, we focus on leadership development, talent management, coaching, team building, soft skills fundamentals, business process improvement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and technical education services.

In Learning Services, we focus on project/program management, instructional design, training delivery, train-the-trainer, and group facilitation. We are dedicated to providing world class programs and solutions that move your leaders and employees towards outstanding performance, which ultimately moves your organization toward the next level of business growth.


Consulting Services

Talent Management
Leadership Development
Team Building
Soft Skills Fundamentals
Business Process Improvement
SAP  Training Strategy

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Learning Services

Program/Project Management
Instructional Design
Training Delivery
Group Meeting Facilitation

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Adeline Liew

Ms. Liew is a strategic thinker, a visionary, and an insightful learning leader.

Adeline Liew has worked for a range of global organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies in various industries, including hi-tech, engineering, construction, semiconductor, manufacturing, education, retail and food services. She has a proven track record of earning client’s confidence by aligning learning strategies to their business needs, improving their global talent capabilities and driving the company business performance.

Adeline is also a certified speaker and business coach with the John Maxwell Team. As a business coach, Adeline holds the business owners and professionals accountable, raises their awareness level and sharpens their focus.

By doing so, the business owners and professionals are able to think at a higher level which ultimately helps to move their business to the next level.

In her work as a mentor, Adeline offers knowledge, wisdom and insights to guide the business owners and professionals so that they can achieve greater influence, impact and income.

Adeline holds a master’s degree in New Media Design and Production from California State University Los Angeles and another master's degree in Human Resources Development from Western Michigan University. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University.


What Our Clients Say

"LaunchForth provided structure to my technically complex conference presentation. Although not familiar with the subject matter, they worked closely with me, providing insight in organizing the material, facilitating the natural flow of information and enabling the audience's engagement. Their sequencing of my PowerPoint slides and coaching of my delivery led to not only a gratifying experience, but a successful professional presentation."

Paul J., Fluor

"LaunchForth provides highly competent trainer and project management expert to lead the documentation and training efforts for the global SAP implementation project with Infineon while I was a Track Lead for the project. They brought their expertise and enthusiasm to the complexities of documenting and training an entire organization on the new ERP system, and after weeks of preparation the resulting training sessions were widely successful. They armed each of the implementation teams with the tools needed to leave a legacy of easy to navigate, detailed training documents, videos and job aids that are used every day for new hires and existing employees across the company. I would highly recommend LaunchForth for all of your training, documentation and project management needs."

Miriam H., Infinion

"I attended a training session created and presented by LaunchForth and I was very impressed by the content and delivery. The material was very well prepared graphically and easy to follow. It was presented very clearly with some personal touches to add a little humor to the subject. The session also included role playing exercises and group discussion that engaged all of the participants. This was definitely one of the best training sessions I have attended and I learned a lot from it."

Peter G., Infinion

"LaunchForth developed a comprehensive training aid that encompassed the entire organization at International Rectifier (now Infineon). This package was developed with the user in mind and Launch Forth utilized the Super Users input to ensure that the training could be applicable for all levels. An excellent tool to manage the very complex processes within the SAP structure."

Eric S., Infineon

"Training can be a difficult task especially when teaching the complex. LaunchForth does a beautiful job of seeing the big picture and bringing the details down into a tangible and digestible format that even a 6th grader can understand. I've been a sales trainer in the pharmaceutical industry and can say that her methods are among the best. She really helped me with my training format for my entrepreneurial training program."

Robert F., Wagner Leadership Institute

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